Caring for Kids was birthed out of the Citywide Prayer Movement of Kansas City in response to a question pastors asked in prayer networks across the city: "How can we serve our community together?"


The question caused Pastor Gary Schmitz, Executive Director of the Citywide Prayer Movement, to ask school districts in Kansas City, "How can we help?" The response was great and a journey began to create and facilitate a simple process to connect schools with churches, businesses and civic organizations so they may collaborate to meet specific needs of each identified school.

The Caring for Kids Network was officially formed in 2013 and currently serves in seven KC metro school districts. Public schools nationally face unprecedented challenges due to increased poverty and decreased budgets. Almost one in four children in America is born into poverty. Poverty can have an adverse effect on the academic outcomes of children, especially during early childhood. Chronic stress related to home and food insecurity adds to the challenges of school children trying to learn.

But there is hope when a caring community works together in partnership with the school to help children and their families. Together we can provide support and offer encouragement to help children stay in school, a key for their future success. We can send a message to every child that says you matter to us and we have a place for you. Caring for Kids connects great volunteers and needed resources through a simple four-step collaborative partnership process.